Alister M.

As a business coach, Alister is focused on Inner World change to achieve personal and business vision. His two decades of genuine business failure and success mean he can support you in a very real way.

Originally driven by what he didn’t like or want, He learned that he was attempting to move away from a crap life, rather than toward the life that his spirit knew he could live.

He have been starting and leading businesses since 1999. He played a key operational role in Securepay, one of Australia’s dotcom success stories and now owned by Australia Post. Perhaps the most significant success has been Certatech. As a founding leader he directly managed the budget from zero at start-up to many millions of dollars and was involved in negotiating and navigating a successful merger that now sees 460 degrees operating with a budget exceeding $50 million dollars.

His passion lies mainly with small to medium businesses and the people involved. His love for entrepreneurialism means that he enjoy supporting business founders most of all.

Praise and Testimonials

Alister is one of the most genuine people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for almost 40 years. His professionalism and passion is inspirational. He has been hugely successful in his business career and is continually evolving and searching for his next venture. A tireless workhorse and a honest great guy.

David w

Alister has a big heart. He is not only committed to personal growth and his own personal success but is passionate in seeing others grow. This is high echelon group of people and I am proud that he took an initiative to create and lead this group - a testament of who he really are surely in everything that he does. Definitely a trusting and loving man.

Nasril I

Alister has a heart for building long term relationships with clients and subsequently he adds value consistently

John l.