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We help small to medium business owners to create, develop and expand business strategies for your online presence. Whether it be through the development of a new website, or updating an existing one. Through our products you can update yourbusiness strategies  with graphics, add a social media so you can reach more customers, start to use videos to communicate and tell your customers about your products, or start to develop your SEO to be seen more by your customers through the search engine results that they get more of the time.

cindog media business strategies

We love everything to do with media. We exist to facilitate clear and heartfelt communications between your business and your customers and to allow for nurturing these prosperous relationships.

Through our work we help you to make business strategies and find your “Connection Point” with your Customers and to Speak to them through that Channel.

We provide access to media technology through simple and easily applicable products that allow you to market and promote your business to your customers effectively.

Our range of products are all focused to help you reach your customers with CLARITY to CONNECT and CONVERT more Sales more often, and so you can.

Continue to Nurture these Relationships with your customers through the business that you do.

cindog media marketing strategy

 What Our Customers Say About Us

“I would like to thank the team at the cindog media for your fantastic efforts and collaboration during my recent project. we really appreciate the effort you made to produce the look, feel and result we were going for.”

Ross Pepper

Public Speaker and Change Agent

“I was impressed, a sales page, linked to a customer list and auto responder, all build with no fuss and how I wanted it. “

Con Nichols

 Director Real Crop Vic Pty Ltd

“I We engaged cindog to support a film screening with graphic design, social media promotion and a ticketing platform. Terrific job all around with reusable platforms created. Thank you.

Adam Hillary


“We needed some technical manuals and training videos produced in a timely manner and the team certainly produced. Their professionalism but easy-going manner, made the whole process a joyful success.

Bernie Malone

CEO, SoftRock Solutions  

“Provided industry expertise to Integrated Space in the design and implementation of our new website. Client feedback on the website has been very positive. We found Harsha and his team to be very professional and knowledgeable and they offered creative ideas time and time again throughout the process of designing the various pages and features to our website. We were impressed with the quality of work and attention to detail.

 Nick Aifantis

Senior Architect & Project Mananger
Integrated Space Pty Ltd  

“Harsha and Charmed Vision Media helped me compile audio interviews to be ready on line  What stood out was their ability to ask relevant questions that got my message across. Harsha and his team have made an invaluable contribution to my project. I’m looking forward to working with them again soon

 Christine M Long

AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essences  

We were using manual emails to send out our Company Newsletters to our customers. The team at Cindog Media systemised the whole process so that we have templates that we can use throughout the year, and at one click of a button we can send out a personalised email addressed to each of our customers. They helped take our Company Newsletter to a Very Professional level, and customised it to the different customer types that we engage with to conduct our business. Thank you for helping to put this system in place.

 Nadir Khan

AUSTRALIAN Staffing Agency 

Do You Want Your Business To Have Greater Reach Online?

Here are some products that can help you to reach your customers with successful business strategies. These products will help you in creating and showcasing the brand for your Business, so that when a Customer connects you have the best possible chance of that leading to a Customer that buys from you. Click on the products below to find out more about the products, and to order the products that right for you.

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 About Us

We started as Charmed Vision Media. Charmed Vision Media predominatly supported small business owners to create film, edit and publish video’s online, creation of youtube channels. We have taken the inspiration and spirit of our humble beginnings along with the strength of the spirit of the Unicorn from which we drew our inspiration from and synegised that with the heart and might of the dog to become CINDOG MEDIA.

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cindog media business strategies

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If you want to be found on the web, we suggest that you put some of your focus on Search engine optimization of your website. It involved the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic. This is done by increasing the visibility of a website or to a web page to online users of a web search engine. Its important to keep in mind that SEO refers to the improvement of organic search engines finding your website, and excludes direct traffic and the purchase of paid placement of adverts on search engines.

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Sales Plan

We help you to create a  Sales Strategy, Plan and Procedures that you can apply to generate leads, connect with them and offer your prodcuts to. Having a clear picture of what you are doing in Sales and Marketing will give you great control of generating sales when you want to.

Sales Plan

Graphic Design

Synergize your Marketing with Graphics that Resonate with Your Customers. Check out the packages we offer or allow us to tailor a product or package for you.

Graphic Design

 Web Design

Your Web Site serves to promote your business to your customers . Your website needs to embody in its design both what you offer to your customers, and be tailored to be attractive to your customers so they can relate to what they see. It needs to synergise the use of imagery, colors, design and features as well as the language to be a representation of what you are and what you offer so that it speaks to your customers.

Web Design 


 Company Newsletters

The Company Newsletter serves to keep customers informed of things that are currently happening in your Company, and serves as an important medium to keep customers informed as well as build anticipation of what’s to come, building excitement and a vibe through competitions and things that they can get involved in.

Company Newsletter  


Sales Pages

A Sales Page serves to promote your specific product or event to your customers . It is useful when you want to focus and drive traffic to a particular project that your creating and serves to get more conversions more quickly to meet the time frame of your product or event launch

Sales Pages 


Social Media Management

Making an investment in building the Social Media Channels for your business is really an investment in building Trust with your Customers as well as your brand. The people who like your Social Media Channels and see and read your posts are more likely to engage with your Company to do business with you. And if they don't, then your message is communicated through them to a wider audience, to attract the customers who will actually do business with you.

Social Media  



The Videos that you use to showcase your brand needs to tell a story. Depending on what your product or service is, and who your customers are, it’s important to keep in mind that you must connect deeply with them through the stories that you tell. This combined with the Words, Graphics and Photography that make up your Marketing must all be aligned to your Vision and Purpose. If this alignment is not solid, cohesive, or shows the slightest hint of incongruity, your customer will likely not see you as someone who can provide them with real value, even if you have the best product or service on the market. Being totally aligned to this key ingredient that will allow you to attract the customers that you would like to, and will actually do business with you.

 Video Editing