Cindog Media is based on cutting edge sales and marketing strategies.

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You want to connect with more Customers.. but where do you Start?

Through our sales and marketing work we help you to find your “Connection Point” with your Customers and to speak to them through that so they hear you. Our trusted range of products are all focused to help you reach your customers and be heard with CLARITY to CONNECT and CONVERT more sales more often. In order to help you do this we encourage all our customers to have an initial discussion about your sales and marketing process that you currently utilising, so that we can support you to refine and implement a cohesive and robust system moving forward. The following products are provided free of charge and gives us a chance to get to know you, and for you to get to know us. Even if you decide not to engage us for business after these processes, you will gain much value through the discussions and the Sales Strategy, Value Ladder and Sales Funnel Map provided to you. However we know that you will see great benefit from these that you will want to stay with us!


When you are going on a journey, you have a very clear destination in mind. If you do not, then you could literally end up anywhere. The same applies to your Sales. The Sales Strategy we develop through Cindog Media is based on cutting edge sales and marketing strategies.
The Sales Strategy allows you to have a crystal clear picture of who your customers are, along with exactly what you can offer them to turn one-time customers into repeat customers as well as ascend them up the products that you offer at higher price-points.
We make it simple for you by creating a Sales Plan and Procedures that allow you to apply the Sales Strategy in a simple standard operating procedure format and deliver greater sales where you can incorporate this into your existing sales procedures.​
M​aking an investment in building the Sales Strategy for your business is really an investment in getting to know your Customers very clearly and what you can offer them that’s of value to them.


If you are clear on who your customers are, and your company is exceptionally great in delivery of the products and services that you offer, and you offer them exactly what they need to add value to their business, then this clearly will mean increased business for your company.​

The Sales Strategy Product includes the following:

  • Development of Customer Avatar.
  • Development of Value Ladder of Products and Services.
  • Development of Sales Funnel.
  • Development of Plan to execute Sales Strategy.
  • Development of Procedure to deliver Plan
  • Online Support and Training for your Staff to:
    >> Attract, Nurture and provide real value that turns one-off customers into raving fans.
    >> Give customers what they actually need, defining complementary products and services in the Value Ladder.
    >> Increase sales through repeat business from Customers.

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