Harsha S.

Meet Harsha, the visionary founder of Cindogmedia. With a deep passion for fostering connections and facilitating meaningful learning experiences, Harsha is dedicated to creating powerful relationships that thrive.

His expertise in business consulting, marketing, lead generation, and sales. With a keen strategic mind and a passion for driving results, Harsha has consistently delivered impactful solutions that elevate businesses to new heights. His adept understanding of the intricacies of business, coupled with his innovative approach, makes him a sought-after professional in the realms of marketing and sales. 

His overarching vision for humanity is to catalyze a transformation and elevate consciousness to a higher vibration. Through the application of our higher faculties, Harsha envisions a world where individuals support one another in the pursuit of a peaceful existence for all beings.

Partner with Harsha to transform your business strategies and achieve unparalleled success.

Praise and Testimonials

I have loved working with Harsha and the team. They have helped me to build out our website and have been very professional and easy to work with. Highly recommend!

Jane m.

Habs delivered excellence in marketing material for the promotion of my services. Further, he's a genuinely nice fellow to work and catch up with

Nick S.

We engaged Cindog to support a film screening with graphic design, social media promotion and a ticketing platform. Terrific job all around with reusable platforms created. Thank you.

Adam h.